West Indies won the World T20 Championship by four wickets

Image credits: en.dailypakistan.com.pk

Though the England team had an impressive evolution in the World T20 Championship, it could not defeat West Indies. The title was won by four wickets.

The man of the match was definitely Carlos Brathwaite. The 34 years old player managed four sixes in the last over and claimed the victory for his team.

Stokes could not defend the so needed 19 that could have brought a successful result. Morgan declared that this defeat won’t be easy to digest, but that it will be taken as a team. “We share the pain, we share the success and I hope in the future we have a lot more success. Personally, I think we will.”

Morgan also added that from his point of view both teams let themselves down with the bat. It was an 180-190 wicket.

The situation was not easy for the opponents either. Darren Sammy pointed out before picking the trophy that the Windies were disrespected by their own board. As they were described as “having no brains”, it was a real delight to prove them wrong.