Tyson’s Fury is ready for a rematch with Wladimir Klitschko

Image credits: www.boxingnewsonline.net

Tyson Fury is ready to defend his word heavyweight titles against Wladimir Klitschko, the former champion, this July, in Manchester. Official confirmation will be made public shortly. 

The agreement is currently in place, as Tyson’ trainer, his uncle, Peter Fury, declared that a possible date of the match will be 9 July.

This is a very expected match as it has been under negotiation since Klitschko was unexpectedly outpointed by Fury in November. The British fighter is also the first one to defeat him in 11 years.

Though Fury suffered a minor injury last month, he declared for Express that he is ready to start training to be in shape for the confrontation. “I’ve got a back injury. An old injury flared up when I went over to help Hughie [his cousin] out for his fight [on 26 March]. I got taken to hospital and ever since then, every time I get punched in the back, it goes into a spasm, like a trapped nerve. It’s a painful experience. But, listen, when they announce the date, I’ll be ready, back injury or not.”