Tony Blair sustains that military intervention is required to put an end to Isis’s violent attacks

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Tony Blair sustains that Isis attacks similar to Brussels will continue if no military repercussions will be taken against the Islamic State. 

Tony Blair declared that it is mandatory to understand the roots of Islamism to be able to come with practical solutions.

The former Labour Prime Minister wrote in the Sunday Times that intelligence agencies need to cooperate to defeat extremism. It is also important to find a better system to control the refugees flow across Europe and a complete security system.

Tony Blair also sustains the elimination of Isis and stated in an interview for The Sunday Times: “Where they need active on-the-ground military support from us, we should give it. They [Isis] have to be crushed.”

He also gave the example of the Americans who are currently fighting against terrorism and that Europeans should do the same thing.

Tony Blair is the founder of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation that aims to stop religious conflicts and extremism. He supports education promoting religious tolerance and believes that development policy is effective in the long term. Thus, it needs to be prioritised.

The comments were made in response to the terrorist attacks in Brussels that killed 31 people and hurt several hundred.