“Third World Heathrow” and how aviation policy in London is just wrong

How can London the financial capital of the European Union, the host to the 2012 Olympic Games be able to showpiece the best that London has to offer when visitors arrive at Heathrow, an airport which runs at full capacity everyday? Baggage on most occasions arrive late, security checks are long and cumbersome, and when the weather is bad, expect the masses to pour out of the terminal buildings.

What Heathrow needed was a third runway, not a new airport in the middle of no where, that most of the airlines are opposed to in any case. High speed rail links will simply take too long to build and will cause way too much disruption, in the “Tory heartlands”. Heathrow needs another runway, so that the inward investment from the Gulf, Asia and the United States continues to pour in. Your average Arab, Russian investor will not want to be flying into Kent. They want easy access to Knightsbridge, Mayfair and the shopping areas of London.

Business leaders have been vocal on the issue of a third runway at Heathrow, its time now the Government realised London is being attacked from inside the EU and outside the EU, and our heavyweight status as the financial capital of Europe will be lost if we cannot add more capacity to our airports inside London.