The man captured on CCT after the terrorist attack from Belgium Airport is believed to be Mohamed Abrini

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The third bomber from Brussels Airport is thought to be Mohamed Abrini, the same man who was caught fleeing the scene after the Paris attack. 

Mohamed Abrini arrived at the airport together with the two suicide bombers, according to a pictured captured on CCT. This reveals that he played a significant role in the Islamic State’s double attack in Brussels.

After the first two suicide bombers had detonated their load, it is believed that Abrini fled the scene due to a malfunction of his device. He was dressed in summer clothes, with a blue hat, according to the Belgian newspaper Sudpresse.

Abrini is a Belgian with Moroccan origins. Belgium and France police currently hunt him down.

Last year, Mohamed Abrini visited Birmingham and took photos of a football stadium. This was when the Islamic State was planning the attacks in Paris.

This information comes right after American authorities revealed that they found the man captured on CCT on their terror database.