Security services prepared for “tricky weekend” in London

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The Climate Camp and Notting Hill Carnival are set to push the Met Police to its “limits” with over a million revellers expected to attend the world famous carnival, and thousands expected to demonstrate in the streets of London in direct action protests for “Climate Camp”.

Mystery over the destinations for the Climate Camp has made the Met police preparations more difficult with senior police staff confirming that “kettling” will be used if necessary to control the protestors. The website for Climate Camps has said:

“This summer there have already been camps in Scotland and in Wales before the Camp for Climate Action returns to London to prepare for an autumn of mass action before December’s UN climate talks in Copenhagen.

While our banks and politicians fail us, Climate Camp will be creating a vision of real democracy. Because the future is not what it used to be.”

The FT has reported that 22 destinations on the demonstrators “wish list” include the business, transport government ministries, the Stock Exchange, London City Airport, with a spokesperson for Climate Camp confirming that the City of London will represent the focus of the protests.

New policing methods during the two events will include drones flying over the protestors sending images to control units, and the collation of images of known agitators.