Ryback removed from WWE Television indefinitely

Image credits: talksport.com

This Sunday’s WWE Payback may be Ryback’s last TV appearance after he was removed from the WWE programming due to an ongoing contract dispute.

Though Ryback was advertised for the United States Championship as being the number one contender, he did not wrestle on Monday Night Raw.

The main reason why Ryback was removed from the main card may be the grievances he displayed in an interview in Dubai. He declared that though the last three WrestleManias did not turn well for him, he is unhappy about being on the preshow.

He added: “The U.S. title definitely belongs on there. Hopefully, next year, if there is a next year, that it will be a better experience.”

The main reason for this dispute is money. While the WWE tried to make Ryback a character loved by the public he didn’t manage to attract fans in the last three-plus years. Additionally, there is not much he can change now.