New ‘T charge’ proposed by Sadiq Khan to clean London air

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The new London mayor, Sadiq Khan, proposed a “T-Charge” for vehicles that emit toxic fumes in central London to be introduced starting from next year.

The plan includes identifying the vehicles that are the most polluting in the Congestion Charge zone. The networks of cameras that cover the area will be used to achieve it. They target vans, cars and lorries.

Besides the new “T-Charge”, Mr Khan also proposed to extend the Ultra Low Emission Zone from the centre of the city. The areas that are expected to be covered are between the South Circular Road to the North Circular Road.

Londoners who wish to use the vehicles that do not meet the emission standards will be allowed to travel in the ULEZ area if they pay a charge of £12.50.

The Mayor declared that he plans to clean the London air as it is the current environmental challenge. The capital toxic air is believed to be the cause of death of up to 9,400 people each year.