Migrants accuse Angela Merkel of luring them to Europe

Image credits: www.euronews.com

Migrants accused Germany and Angela Merkel of luring them to Europe with false promises. They blame the politician for risking the lives of their children.

The migrants claim that she should be held accountable for the current crisis. They put themselves and their families in danger as they were guaranteed a warm welcome. Instead, they received riot police and wire fences.

Most of the camps where migrants live are filthy and with almost no proper conditions. In an interview for Express, one of the refugees expressed his anger towards the renowned politician, “Why couldn’t you say no from the beginning?”

Angela Merkel declared publicly last year that Syrians who want to escape war are welcomed in her country. Her call was heard and embraced by thousands of people, leading to a major European crisis that resulted in riots and clashes with the police.

Due to this pressure, the German Chancellor decided that the number needs to be controlled. Too late, considering that numerous families have already left their homes in hope of a better future.