London’s mayoral candidates need to learn from US campaigns, according to a research conducted by young Brits

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After being designated to follow the US presidential campaign, a group of young Brits claim that London’s mayoral candidates need to use social media to engage the younger generation.

The Labour Party advisor John McTernan initiated the ’45 for the 45th’ programme that aims to attract young people to vote by following the US example.

McTernan declared that US politics get a lot of attention from media, generating debates and direct conversations, unlike the way the matter is approached in the UK.

The students who were designated to follow the elections encourage politicians to target social media to actively engage citizens. They need to get replies from young people as it is the only way to get them involved.

Another opinion supported by the students states that the London mayoral election should focus more on rallies as they were very successful in the US. It is important to encourage events that young people are interested in and would like to join.

Politicians also need to learn from the US campaigns to aim ethnic minorities and women who are underrepresented in the Parliment as they reflect the diversity of the British culture.