London mayoral election overview

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Londoners vote today the mayor and local counsellors. Citizens who did not post their ballot papers yet can vote in person at one of the polling stations across the capital.

The polling stations are opened today, between 7 AM and 10 PM. Those who wait in line after the official closing hour will still be allowed to vote.

Citizens can check the location of the polling station where they can cast their vote on the poll card. Another method to check this information is online, on the London Elects webpage.

There are 12 candidates for London Mayor. The favourites come from the Conservative Party, Zac Goldsmith, and the Labour party, Sadiq Khan.

The voting system allows people to have a first and second choice candidate. If the first option is not in the top two placed candidates, their second vote is taken into consideration. The purpose is to prevent wasted votes if a citizen wants to vote for a smaller party candidate.

The votes will be counted on Friday morning. The results will be made public, most probably, by late lunch.