Labour MP Jo Cox dies after brutal attack in the street

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British MP Jo Cox has died after being stabbed and shot in the street in her parliamentary constituency in Birstall, West Yorkshire, in the north of England.

The 41-year-old lawmaker, who was part of the UK’s main opposition Labour Party, was attacked by a 52-year-old man as she was walking to her weekly advice surgery and was left bleeding on the ground.

Reports say that Cox was assaulted outside Birstall library on Thursday and died from the injuries she sustained in the attack. Eyewitnesses told the media she was punched and kicked to the ground by the assailant before being shot three times with what was described as an antique or a home-made gun.

The attacker, identified as Thomas Mair, is said to have shouted ‘put Britain first’ at least twice before killing her. The suspect was later arrested on Market Street.

Another man, who reportedly intervened to help Cox, was also injured.

As it turns out, the victim was subjected to hate mail in the three months prior to this tragic incident, but it seems that the person who sent her malicious messages is not the same man put under arrest for her gruesome murder.

In the wake of this tragic event, the MP’s husband has urged people to ‘fight against the hate’ that killed her.

Police are now investigating whether Jo Cox was specifically targeted because of her support for the Remain campaign, which encourages people to vote to stay in the EU.