Jess Varnish accuses cycling chief Shane Sutton of inappropriate remarks

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Jess Varnish made a surprising public statement after her Olympic podium programme contract ended. She claims that the British Cycle technical director told her to have a baby, but also that her “ass” was too big.

The British cyclist received the news that her contract would not be renowned by telephone. She was called by her coach Iain Dyer last month who informed her about the exclusion from the Olympic podium programme. The reason for this decision was the performance grounds.

The news came after Varnish accused Dyer and Sutton of the British women’s team sprint failure to qualify for the Olympics.

The 25-year-old cyclist declared in an interview for DailyMail that the British Cycling promotes a matcho culture and that she had to deal with innapropriate remarks. Once she was told that her “ass” was too big, and after her contrat ended, Sutton said that she was too old and that she should have a baby.

‘Don’t get me wrong, the boys don’t get it easy,’ she says, ‘but I can’t imagine him (Sutton) saying something to one of the men about their body shape or telling them to go off and have a baby. After 2012, I was told that “with an ass like mine I couldn’t change position within the team sprint”. It basically implies the stronger woman has to go in “man one” position because I’m quite glute dominant, shall we say.’ 

In reply to these accusations, the British Cycling responded that the decision was made based on a personal review of each rider and the performances during training and in competitions. They claimed that they are committed to moral principles and embrace equality. They also announced that they will contact Jess to clarify this issue.