Jeremy Clarkson should be sacked by the BBC and News International for making his comments on Greece

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Yes I agree : 78.82% (1838)
No I do not agree : 21.18% (494)

Greece is in bad need of toilet cleaners. Jeremy, we will do you a favor and pay you a little more than we pay our unionised workers……..
Mr. Clarkson : The freedom of speech and your pen DOES NOT give you the right to insult people and especially a COUNTRY of people who offer YOU Civilization and Democracy.
was a big fan of your show, please note, was……………..

I think the media like to blow things out of proportion and in the current climate are targetting anyone who make small comments about certain people/places/objects into massive monsters who must be destroyed. Grow up- there are more important things happening in the world and maybe you should be covering that as news instead?
What like the binge drinking over weight English yobs?
You must be pleased the Independent has taken notice. No one else has. We learn today of another child being tortured in this country, beaten, it\’s spine broken, and this is all you are concerned about. Isn\’t it about time you got some perspective on life and what is really important? There have been many potrayals of different nationalities over the decades. Where would we be if Fawlty Towers, Monty Phython or Porridge had never existed? Perhaps you should start a petition to burn books – I think that you\’d be quite alarmed by what some people are reading these days. It\’s quite shocking.

Mr Clarkson, what\’s the point really of your comment? All of us, who are Greeks, we respect your country, we live and work in it, we define ourselves as citizens of Britain and we follow the ethical and written rules. Unfortunatelly, your popularity allows you to have access in many people. And you use your popularity in the most wrong way, by expressing unstated and insulting opinions for the people of a nation that struggles and fights through many diffyculties. Also, if you could get to places in greece where british young tourists have holidays, you may recognize how distorting and abusing their behavior is. Instead of making public announcements and accuse the whole british nation, greece citizens cooperate with authorities in order to reduce such incidents. I am really sorry mr Clarkson, but you should resign. And if greece is like a toilet, I hope that will never have to face \”backs\’\’ like yours…

Clarkson is a racist. He admits to making racist comments and he sees nothing wrong with that. See the article in The Independent of 27 Nov 1999 \’Clarkson sees nothing wrong\’ with his racist views\’. His apologists should bear that in mind when they make their attempts to back him up. If Clarkson considers that his comments are racist and those on the receiving end consider him a racist, Christ knows why others back him up and claim he isn\’t. Maybe because they are racist as well? Mind you, many English people group races simply into black or white. Greek, Spanish people, etc fall into the latter and are therefore fair game. I suspect his ilk are the sort that thirty to fifty years ago would be directing their abuse at black people and Asians in the street but are no doubt too scared to do so today because they wouldn\’t get away with it. Clarkson it seems laments the days when the British Empire ruled the waves and feels that \”We’ve been robbed of our Englishness\”. Some of his comments: \”we’d brought decency, truth and cricket to every continent \” \”We were defined by our brilliance, our superiority\” \”So we must forgive Germany for invading Poland. But I must beat myself to death every night because my great-great-great-grandad moved some chap from a hellhole in Ghana to Barbados\”. How funny and entertaining. I can handle risqué humour, but Clarkson\’s comments are not even racism dressed up as humour. They are just undistilled racism. How ironic that while the US demonstrates that a black person can become President, The Sun \’news\’paper demonstrates where Britain is with race relations.