Israeli official cancel UK visit over arrest fears

International Desk

Dan Meridor, Israel’s deputy Prime Minister has cancelled a visit to London because of “increased concerns” that he may face arrest for war crimes.

Israel’s deputy prime minister had arranged to speak at the pro-Israeli Britain Israel Communications & Research on Monday, however he had to cancel his trip to London because he feared that he would be arrested and face legal action over Israel’s commando attack on a Gaza-bound boat back in May, which resulted nine Turkish activists being killed

According to recent reports, history almost repeated itself when last year, activists unsuccessfully attempted to have Ehud Barak, Israel’s defence minister arrested during his visit to the UK.

The most recent incident of an international figure being arrested in Britain was when Mongolian official, Bat Khurts was ceased at London Heathrow airport and was taken to Wandsworth prison in south-west London for suspicion of being involved in a kidnap saga in France.

Foreign Secretary William Hague will travel to the Jerusalem today to announce proposals to reassure both Israeli and Palestinian politicians that they are free at any time to visit the United Kingdom without the prospect of being arrested by local authorities. He is expected to pledge that Britain will introduce legislations by the end of the year to prevent visiting Israeli and Palestinian from being arrested on British soil.