Harry Potter fans will go Mad-Eye Moody over these spots in London

Image credits: www.kingslodge.uk.com

Don’t you wish you could say ‘Alohamora!’ and then just magically enter the fascinating world of Harry Potter?

If not, you’re such a muggle! If yes, however, you’re in for a big treat the next time you’re in London! Walk with us through these real London spots and recreate the magical universe of J. K. Rowling’s most beloved books.

Tread carefully behind our steps – an exciting adventure awaits you, full of hidden sorcerer’s stones, mysteries and enchantment!

King’s Cross Station

Harry Potter - The Real Platform 9 3/4 - Kings Cross

Get off the tube at the King’s Cross St. Pancras stop and head to the train station. More exactly, to platforms 4 and 5, where the most famous scenes of Harry Potter were filmed. Yes, that’s right: there is where you will find Platform 9 ¾, the spot where muggles could see people banging their heads and trolleys against the brick wall. Wizards and witches, on the other hand, could run through it right to the Hogwarts Express Line.

While you’re here, pay a visit to the Harry Potter shop, too, designed to reminisce the legendary Ollivander’s wand shop.

Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall Market - the real Harry Potter Diagon Alley and Leaky Cauldron

Leadenhall Market is not only one of London’s most beautiful markets, but also the place where some of the exterior Diagon Alley shots were put in scene. It’s no wonder they chose this place to depict one of Harry Potter’s most iconic scenes – its imposing Victorian style makes you believe you really entered a whole new world.

What’s more, if you look closely in the Bull’s Head Passage, you’ll also recognize the entrance into the Leaky Cauldron. Pretty swell, huh?

Great Scotland Yard

Great Scotland Yard - the entrance into Harry Potter's Ministry of Magic

…also known as the Ministry of Magic to some. It is this exact junction where Harry, Ron and Hermione chase people down the street and used the Polyjuice Potion in order to sneak into the office of Dolores Umbridge.

Just a friendly piece of advice for the overly enthusiastic fans out there: don’t try flushing yourselves down the toilets in the hope you’ll get teleported to that great hall. (We’ve tried it, it doesn’t work, sadly.)

Australia House

Australia House - Harry Potter's Gringotts Bank

Its imposing interior was the inspiration muse for the opulent Gringotts Bank. Its marble columns and floor, the sophisticated chandeliers and the hypnotizing patterns on the tiles make it perfect for depicting the home of so much enchanted gold.

Unfortunately, the access is not permitted to the wide public, so, unless you have a business reason, you can only admire the building from the outside. But that is a pretty pleasant sight as well, we can assure you.

Westminster Bridge

Westminster Bridge - Harry Potter scene in The Order of the Phoenix

It’s not like there’s any chance to visit London without getting to see the House of Parliament. However, once you get there, it’s worth noting that it makes up one of the most memorable scenes in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. More exactly, the Order flies right past the Riverside Terrace, each on his or her broom, like a bunch of cool kids.

Worth visiting at night, for a more accurate visual souvenir. Now close your eyes and let the wind gently wipe your face – almost as if you were on a Nimbus 2000, isn’t it? :)