Great Britain is second in Rio medal table after winning six golds in 24 hours

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Great Britain’s gold medal count at 2016 Rio Olympics keeps growing by the day. The United States are still in the lead when it comes to gold medals and overall medals at the Games, but over the last two days, Britain too has added a few more to its record.

Team GB have rewritten their Olympic history over the weekend, managing to overcome China and move into second place in the Rio 2016 medals table.

Sunday was a sensational day for GB athletes, as they won a record-breaking five gold medals and three silver on a single day. The British heroes showed their prowess on the cycling track, on the water, and in the gym and the country now has 16 gold medals, 17 silver and 8 bronze, adding to a total of 41 and sitting confortable in second place in the medal table.

Team GB lived one of its greatest days in British sporting history, with Andy Murray, Mo Farah, Max Whitlock (gymnastics), Justin Rose (golf) and Jason Kenny (cycling) bagging gold, while Nick Dempsey (windsurfing), Louis Smith (gymnastics) and Callum Skinner (cycling) won silver medals.

Moreover, Wimbledon champion Andy Murray scored an epic four-set win over Argentina’s Juan Martin del Potro and became the first player to win two Olympic tennis singles gold medals.

Max Whitlock, with his impressive routine on the floor, won Great Britain’s first ever gold for individual gymnastics. He later doubled his medal haul after a stunning performance in individual men’s pommel horse.

If British athletes manage to reach the target of 48 Olympic medals from Rio 2016, they’ll be able to brag about being part of the team’s best ever Olympics overseas.