Google Celebrates Earth Day in a fun and creative way

Earth Day is celebrated each year on April 22. Google decided to mark this event with a series of remarkable Doodles.

Internet users are welcomed by the search engine with five Doodles that point out the Earth’s varied fauna and flora. The illustrations include the desert, tundra, coral reefs, grassland, and forest. Each of them features an animal: tortoise, polar bear, octopus, elephant, and fox.

The first Earth Day was commemorated 46 years ago. The primary purpose is to encourage people to protect the planet by planting trees and focus more on recycling.

The five Doodles manage to bring to life serious problems that affect our planet in a unique and beautiful way. To see all of them, users simply need to refresh the Google page.

This year’s Earth Day is also marked by the agreement between leaders from 160 countries who officially signed the Paris Climate Agreement with the purpose to stop global warming. The document was conceived last year during the Paris Climate Summit.