Four women stabbed in South-West London

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A violent incident occurred this morning in Hampton, near a Sainsbury’s branch. A man in his 60s stabbed four women near the supermarket car park. The police do not believe that the attack had a terrorist purpose. 

One of the victims suffered severe injuries and is in critical condition. An air ambulance took her to a major trauma centre.

The other three were treated for stab wounds at the scene and later transported to a hospital in South London for further care. They were hurt on the legs, chest and back.

The police were informed about the incident at about 10:30 BTS by one of the attacked women. They arrested the man at the scene and it is now in custody at a South-West police station.

An eyewitness declared that the attacker did not seem to know the victims and hurt them unprovoked. The situation could have turned from bad to worse as there is a primary school nearby.