Flash floods cause traffic chaos in south-east London

Image credits www.floodlist.com

A new wave of torrential rain and heavy thunderstorms has hit London, causing flash floods and wreaking traffic havoc in the south-east part of the city and in north Kent.

Heavy downpours during the last two days brought floods to Lee, Lewisham, Bexleyheath, Catford, Thamesmead and Crayford. As a result, rail services were cancelled, Tube stations shut and commuters were the ones most affected by the travel disruption. Subsequently, some lines affected by flooding have reopened, but rail companies Southeastern, South West Trains and Greater Anglia still offer a reduced service.

Some roads have also been closed in Clapham and Raynes Park, and power outages have been reported in several areas.

Emergency services observed again a significant increase in calls, as the severe rain has left cars submerged, people stranded and caused other weather-related incidents.

Apparently, a month’s rain fell in just a few hours and storms are expected to hit the British capital again today, so locals have been warned to prepare for more flash floods.

What’s more, the Environment Agency has issued flood warnings for rivers in Bromley, Sidcup and Basildon, as well as 22 alerts across the south-east.