European capitals on “suicide terrorist” alert, following Moscow underground attack

– 37 confirmed dead in “suicide attack” in Moscow tube system during rush hour
– Female attackers believed to be perpetrators

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London and other major capital cities in Europe with underground train systems are increasing security vigilance and preparedness following three attacks in Moscow this morning that have already claimed the lives of 37 people.

The attacks believed to be the work of Chechen separatists are the first such attacks on the Moscow underground system, resulting in parts of the Russian capital coming to a stand still.

A website by Chechen rebels has already claimed responsibility of the attacks, with concerns by security analysts that other explosive devices could be located across the Moscow underground system.

London has already increased security measures with an anti-terrorist hotline in place taking calls from members of the public who suspect terrorist activities, by phoning 0800 789 321. The Met Police have already been stopping more vehicles under section 44 of the Anti-Terrorist laws in London, and it is also believed that members of the British Transport Police will be providing higher visible policing on the London Underground system.

In a separate report The Sunday Times have exposed Saudi funded activities of Balkan Muslims in Europe generally with over £450 million spent on building 150 and Islamic centres in Bosnia, stoking up fears that the training grounds of Islamic extremists has moved from the traditional hotbeds of Afghanistan and Pakistan, but is now in the heart of Europe.