David Cameron cheered by MPs at final Prime Minister’s Questions

Image credits www.vox.com

Today is David Cameron’s last day as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and he appeared before the country’s Parliament to give a final speech, in which he defended his political views by saying ‘I was the future once.’

Cameron is stepping down as PM after losing the Brexit referendum on June 23, whose result has showed that British citizens want to leave the European Union.

He ended his six-year run with a final session of the regular Prime Minister’s Questions, a weekly meeting where lawmakers can ask the leader questions about often controversial political matters.

In a more lighthearted discussion than usual, the 49-year-old official cracked jokes and encouraged the MPs to follow their dreams and ambitions. ‘Nothing is impossible if you really put your mind to it,’ he told them.

Also, he took pride in his achievements as Prime Minister, mentioning the record employment, improved school standards, and the introduction of gay marriage among others, and had a piece of advice for his successor Theresa May: not to let relations with the EU break off completely.

As he left the room, he was given a standing ovation by the audience. After the session, Cameron travelled to Buckingham Palace in London to formally present his resignation to Queen Elizabeth II.

Theresa May is expected to also pay the monarch a visit before taking over the job this afternoon. The Prime Minister elect is likely to make her first statement in front of the crowds outside the famous black door to Number 10 before getting to work on constructing her government.

Given that May was a ‘Remain’ supporter during the referendum campaign, it won’t be an easy job for her to implement Brexit, but apparently withdrawing Britain from the 28-nation European Union will be her priority.