David Cameron accused of turning back on Eurosceptic ministers

Image credits: Flickr

A senior Government source accused David Cameron of ignoring Eurosceptic ministers, causing Tory anxiety.    

The source claimed, in an interview for Express: “It has got pretty bad. David doesn’t even make eye contact when he passes the Eurosceptics in the corridor.”

The insider also declared that David Cameron is displaying a “schoolboy behaviour”. Though he does not seem to realise it, this attitude can also damage the party. “His behaviour is totally irresponsible and a lot of people won’t forgive him.” 

In reply to Cameron’s denial to support Pro-Brexit MPs, the PM encouraged ministers on opposite sides to be respectful when dealing with each other.

With the “collective responsibilities” rules lifted, MPs have the opportunity to support whatever EU argument they desire.

Another source cited by Express declares that the accusations are false and that “Anonymous sources claiming otherwise should get their facts straight before making false claims.”