Dany Willet returned home wearing his green jacket

Image credits: www.telegraph.co.uk

Danny Willet is the winner of the Masters Championship. He was received like a true star when he landed at Manchester airport.

The 28-years-old golf player managed to surprise everybody with his admirable result, becoming the first British player in 20 years to win this Championship. He took advantage of Jordan Spieth’s collapse and turned it into an advantage.

He was delighted to see the warm welcome and declared “It’s been pretty big in America but until you get home I don’t think you can quite realise the scale of what’s going on.” He also added that he wants to return to normality and spend a fun and relaxing time together with his wife and baby.

Willet almost missed the Masters as his son was due on April 10. His early arrival, on 29 March, allowed his father to participate in his birth and fly to New York in time.

Britan’s new sporting hero mentioned that this result won’t make him change his approach towards golf. He will just keep on doing what he knows best, and he’ll try to get better in hopes to win some more tournaments.