The CEO of the Indian Wells, Raymond Moore resigns after making sexist remarks

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Raymond Moore, the CEO  of the Indian Wells tennis tournament decided to resign from his role after making sexist remarks. His statements that women are incapable of making any decision in tennis and that they are lucky brought him harsh critics. 

These sexist remarks were expressed during an interview held before the women’s final that took place on Sunday. He described female tennis player as attractive and that they should thank God for male players who carry on the sport.

Moore’s apologies turned out to be ineffective, as the damage was already done. This issue was debated by the members of the tennis community on Twitter.

Jason Collins posted on his Twitter account “#RaymondMoore has no business being in a position of authority in any sport. He revealed his true-self.”

Richard Ings twitted “As an aside, did Raymond Moore simply lose his mind for a moment making such silly comments about women’s tennis at his own event? ”

Serena Williams also responded to Moore’s statement and said it was inaccurate, as there are numerous people who watch tennis just to see her and her sisters play.

Larry Ellison, the owner of the Californian Tournament, declared that Moore had decided to resign from his position this Tuesday. He also praised the evolution of all the great women athletes, with special considerations to Serena Williams, Martina Navratilova, Venus Williams and Bille Jean.