Calais migrants try to cross the Channel to Britain through improvised rafts

Image credits: Flickr

In the desperate attempt to reach Britain, Calais migrants are using improvised rafts to cross the Channel.

The French coastguard have reported a significant number of people who tried to cross the Channel illegally. People are rushing to reach the British borders as a result of the crime-ridden Jungle camp. The Calais port entrances are currently extremely guarded.

The French coastguards announced that they found migrants trying to cross the Channel in the middle of the night with improvised rafts built by themselves. The Channel can be a death trap for people with no navigational skills or devices due to the cold waters and the number of ships that cross it daily.

The Coastguard spokesman declared for the French newspaper La Voix du Nord “at night, on unequipped boats, in greater numbers, without the slightest notion of navigation and totally unaware of the very real dangers that such attempts represent.”

Olivia Long, the worker from the Calais-based UK charity Help Refugees, said in an interview to The Guardian: “There has been a big increase in the numbers crossing since the second eviction of the camp which finished last Wednesday.” “People are worried they are going to destroy this half of the ‘Jungle’ in the coming weeks. Some are deciding to spend their savings to get across the border.”

Camp Jungle host up to 10,000 migrants and many want to work their way to Britain by night.