Brexit: The Big Debate Live reveals voters are happy with their decision

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Politicians, experts and members of the public engaged in a heated discussion about the future of the United Kingdom on Channel 5’s Brexit: The Big Debate Live.

Brexit remains a hot subject for the nation, who is now preparing to start negotiations and the formal procedure for the departure from the European Union after they voted Leave by 52% to 48% in the referendum on June 23rd.

Many voters believe Britain is now more divided than ever after the referendum result. And a poll conducted in the wake of the historic vote suggested that around one million people who voted Leave regretted their decision, but now a new survey commissioned by Channel 5 for yesterday’s show found that the majority of voters actually stood by their decisions.

The survey results say that 96 per cent of Remain voters and 95 per cent of Leave supporters are still happy with their decisions.

Channel 5’s programme, hosted by Alastair Stewart,  saw businessman Lord Digby Jones, former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, comedian Rory Bremner, June Sarpong, Julia Hartley Brewer, MP John Redwood, and the notorious ex-City broker Nick Leeson giving their opinions on the effects of the Brexit vote and what happens next.

Leave supporter Julia Hartley Brewer also dismissed claims that a large number of Leave voters would change their option if given the chance and told Remainers to just accept the vote, reminding them that that’s how things work in a democracy – there would always be a losing side.

Moreover, Lord Digby Jones claims that the country will actually thrive outside the EU, because many member states of the 28-state bloc need to continue trade relations with the UK.

“We haven’t suddenly become this enemy of Europe. Europe is enormously important to Britain and we are enormously important to Europe. We’ve not suddenly said ‘’We’re never going to talk to you’,” he said.